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Tel/Fax:(505)797-3520; E-mail:


Master of Science, Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, 1986. Thesis: Methods of Band Survival Analysis: Applied to Studies of the Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus columbianus).

Bachelor of Science, Applied MathBiology, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, June 1980.


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Provided Technical Assistance on the CTA Database, which contains information on the delivery of HIV drugs for the prevention of transmission between HIV positive mothers and their newbornl. 2006.

American Red Cross / Kazakhstan Red Crescent. Tuberculosis research statistical advisor. Traveled to Kazakhstan to review and advise on a study of TB patients and the use of incentives to complete DOTs treatment. May  June 2004.

Initiatives Inc. Provided Technical Assistance on the Zambia HIV workforce Study data using telephone, fax and email. May  July 2003.

Family Health International, Consulting Statistician, The Sociocultural Context of AIDS Prevention In Uganda, Dr. D. Schumann P.I. January  February 1993.


New Mexico State Department of Health, Public Health Division, Vaccines For Children Program. CASA Audits of private and public providers of childhood immunizations, Contact: Anne Lutz. 1996-97, 2003-2007.

Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage. Ecological data analysis involved in long-term studies of vegetation and succession of local and regional Power Company power-line rights-of-ways;; ecological studies marsh restoration; avian studies. 1990-2007.

NEW MEXICO CONSULTING (1995 -2006 selected)

First Choice Community Healthcare. Consultant in Quality and Childhood Immunizations. Provides expert direction in Quality research and in improving the immunization coverage rates at the health system. January 2002  July 2004.

First Choice Community Healthcare. Consultant in Diabetes and Health Indicators. Provides technical guidance in research on diabetes and other health indicators. January 2002 December 2003.
Lovelace Healthcare Innovations. Consultant for disease management program. January 1999 to June 1999.

New Mexico State Department of Health, Public Health Division, Diabetes Control Project. Consultant, Design of Diabetes Epidemiology Studies. Contact: Ms. Georgia Cleverley. January 1996  June 1998.

Planned Parenthood of New Mexico. Evaluation Consultant, The Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy Project. Contact: Mr. Marc Davidson. January 1996 to July 1996.


Project Hope, Atyrau, Kazakstan. Provided Technical Assistance to the Project Hope Implemented “Tengizchevroil (TCO) Bonus Fund” including assessment of computerization, planning for training, codesigning health information systems for tuberculosis, cardiac care, maternity and a new Urgent Care Health Clinic. September  October 1995.

National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Calcutta, India. Technical Assistance, Designed data entry, management and analysis plan for threeyear study of persistent diarrhoea in children under five. June 1988, August 1989. WHOfunded.

Project Hope, Milot, Haiti. Coauthor of a Handbook on Child Survival Health Indicators for a USAID Child Survival Project and developed a userfriendly trends tracking system. August 1995.

The Environmental Health Project, Washington, DC. Technical Director for Health and Management Information Systems. Camp, Dresser and McKee, Inc. as prime contractors, International Science and Technology Institute, Inc. employee. Halftime position. May 1994 to June 1995.

The World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland. Contributed to the design of the WHO Global Breastfeeding Trends Monitoring System. October 1993.

Project Hope, Thyolo, Malawi. Developed a userfriendly Estate Health Monitoring System using Epi Info which allows 56 health status indicators to be tracked at the Compound, Estate and Company Levels. July 1992.

The Expanded Program on Breastfeeding Promotion, Wellstart, Washington DC. Developed a userfriendly Global Breastfeeding Trends Monitoring System using Epi Info software, and a core of DHS data. February 1992  July 1996.

The Romania Family Planning Project, The Centre for Development and Population Activities, Romania. Designed the forms for a clinic based family planning information system. January 1992, October 1992, March  November 1993.

U.S. Peace Corps, Office of Medical Services, Washington DC. Consultant to University Research Corporation. Reviewed the OMS health information systems and proposed an umbrella information system for use in Quality Assurance. May 1991.

Ministry of Health, Mozambique. Developed a comprehensive health information system in the Zambezi Pilot Child Survival Project using Epi Info software, involving six modules, with routine reporting from 17 districts. January, September 1991. Johns Hopkins University. Institute for International programs. USAID funded.

Save the Children Federation. Computerized Mbalachanda, Malawi, census of 40,000 individuals for Primary Health Care Information System.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Computerized census of 277,000 Mozambican Refugees in Malawi.

The Family Health Training Project, Development Associates, Inc. Designed a blueprint for a national birth spacing program in Oman. March 1994  April 1994.

The Romania Family Planning Project, The Centre for Development and Population Activities, Romania. Designed the computer software for a clinic based family planning information system. March 1993  August 1993.

The Ghana Family Planning Monitoring System. Population Communication Services. Johns Hopkins University. Developed a demonstration family planning monitoring system for an IEC campaign, using Epi Info software, involving extensive, userfriendly statistical and graphical reporting. June 1991. USAIDfunded.

Baseline Analysis, Population Communication Services, Johns Hopkins University. Analysis of a baseline (KAP) survey of family planning in Burkina Faso. March 1990. USAID funded.

Evaluation, Population Communication Services. Evaluation of a family planning IEC campaign for Niger. November 1989 February 1990. USAIDfunded.

Research, The Futures Group, Washington D.C. Data analysis of a family planning panel study in Egypt. Technical assistance to Family of the Future, Cairo. July 1989  October 1990. USAIDfunded.

Evaluation, Population Communication Services, Johns Hopkins University. Data entry and analysis of Plateau State, Nigeria, IEC campaign on family planning. August 1988. USAIDfunded.

Evaluation Design Strategist, Management Sciences for Health, PRITECH Project. Assisted in the design of evaluation strategies for National Diarrheal Disease Control Programs in developing countries. September 1990 January 1991. USAIDfunded.

Technical Assistance, University Research Corporation, PRICOR project. Dr. Marilyn Nations, Fortaleza, Brazil. Data analysis on an Apple 2+ computer using Stats Plus for “Mobilization of Traditional Healers for Primary Health Care.” November 1985. USAIDfunded.


Training, clients include: Save the Children Federation, UNICEF, UNDP, The Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa, The World Bank. Training includes all aspects of hardware and software mentioned below.

Hardware: IBM 4341, IBM compatible PCs; Apple 2, 2+, III; Zenith LapTop.
Software: Operating Systems: DOS, Windows. Word-processing: Word Perfect, WordStar, Word, MultiMate; Spreadsheets: Lotus 123, HAL, SuperCalc 3; Data Base Managers: Dbase III+, IV, Power Base, Ask Sam, Kedit, Epi Info; Statistical packages: SAS, SPSS PC/+, Statpak; Graphics: CDC CASA/AFIX software.


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